2014 Presentations

Mike Bira – Water Quality Standards

Bill Burkman – Southern Timber Output

Tom Byram- Tree Improvement

 Helene Cser – Biomass Assessments 

Barry Graden – SFI Overview 

Darrel Pendris – FSC Overview

Jaret Rushing – Feral Hog (Bad) Habits and Control

Mark Thomas – Wildlife Management Integration

Linda Wang – Timber Taxation

Rod Will – Pine Hybridization

Rick Williams – Farm Bill Updates

Jeff Wright – Hardwood Plantations for Evolving Markets

 2013 Presentations

Jim Guldin – Past, Present, and Future Forest Trends

Jim Guldin – Adapting Silviculture to Changing Climate in US South

Don Bragg – Natural Pine Yields and Returns

Matthew Pelkki – Planted Pine Yields and Returns

Dennis Neilson – World Timber Markets

Rankin Family – Lands through the Generations

2012 Presentations

Jack Lutz – Four State–Timberland Research

Jack Lutz – Four State–Markets-1

Jack Lutz – Four State–Markets-2

Jack Lutz – Four State–Markets-3

Jack Lutz – Four State–Markets-4

Thomas Harris – Timber Market Trends – Updated

George Rheinhardt – NRCS Technical and Financial Assistance part 1

George Rheinhardt – NRCS Technical and Financial Assistance part 2

Matt Williams – Thinning Managed Pine Forests

Linda Wang – ForestTax-4StateConference-posting

Michael Blazier – Pine Genetic Productivity

Michael Blazier – Biofuels

Roger Griffin – FOTG Ethics Presentation

Barry Shiver – Plantation Growth Yield

Barry Shiver – Pine Plantation Investment Returns

Justin Allen – Reforestation Practices

Teddy Reynolds – US Timberland Investment Forecast